Lomi Lomi Massage

A delightful Hawaiian style massage consisting of long flowing strokes while nourishing your body with warm coconut oil. Gentle & harmonizing, assisting with circulation and creating a sense of equilibrium.

1.5hrs $180

Relaxation Massage

Relaxing yet therapeutic. Ease away aches & pains, reduce stress and develop a deep sense of well-being.

Relax 1hr $130, 1.5hr $170

Head, Neck & Shoulders

Massage for the upper back, shoulders, neck & scalp. Designed to relieve headaches & muscle tension. Great relief for computer related stress.

1 hour $130

Body Polish

Beautiful full body sugar scrub followed by Sumptuous body butter massage.

1.5hr $180

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle, soothing & nurturing treatment, especially designed for mums-to-be. Unwind all tension & feel completely relaxed.

1hr $135, 1.5hr $180

Hot Stone Massage

This is a deeply nurturing treatment, creating a sense of balance & calm with a soothing massage. It is a journey of pure relaxation as the hot stones melt away tension & promote self healing.

1.5hrs $195

Complete Bliss

Beautiful body massage & pure botanical facial combined with heavenly scalp & foot massage. A blissful experience of inner calm & tranquility. Taking you to new levels of relaxation, melt away the tension & rejuvenate your spirit.

1hr $135, 1.5hrs $180

Pure Indulgence

Complete Bliss package combined with Feet Treat and Full Body Scrub. Experience this intoxicating blend of treatments. Absolute Heaven on Earth. *Variations on this treatment can include Reiki or Hot Stone massage.

3 hrs $370

Aroma Facial

A rejuvenating facial using Pure Botanical products, an Aroma Facial can be customised to your skin type. Our Aroma facials are designed to nourish, balance, cleanse & exfoliate your face, neck & shoulders. Includes a luxurious neck, face & scalp massage and a divine foot or hand massage.

1hr $130

Feet Treat

A rejuvenating & grounding treatment using pure botanical products, cleansing, exfoliating & nourishing your feet. Refining mask is then applied followed by a soothing Body Butter Foot Massage. Treatment includes scalp & neck massage.

1hr $130

Deep Tissue Massage

A technique based on anatomy & physiology, aimed at producing long term improvement in mobility, muscle flexibility & stress control.

1hr $135, 1.5hrs $180

Detox Package

This holistic treatment consists of Lymphatic Full Body Massage, Lime & Ginger Salt Glow, followed by a Warm Towel Buff & All Over Body Butter. Last of all, Ear Candling for balancing the middle ear & heightened sense of tranquility. To continue the cleansing process, a glass of local bottled Mineral Water & 2 days supply of Detox Foot Patches.

2.5hrs $310

Ear Candling

Promoting a peacefulness and a sense well-being, Ear Candling can assist with Swimmers Ear, sinus problems and some headaches. Treatment includes head and scalp massage of reflex points.

1hr $120